Forest berry jam

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All the benefits of forest berries gathered in one jar of organic jam WE ARE BIO! Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, sweetened with natural agave syrup, preserved all their benefits and vitamins to make you happy at any time of year. The organic origin of WE ARE BIO berry jam is confirmed by the European certification system «Euro-leaf» mark, which is mandatory for all organic products.

It is a real cocktail of taste, color and goodness that will please both adults and children with its natural origin and impeccable composition. This jam goes with most desserts, baked goods, sour milk products and porridges, and can also be consumed as an independent delicacy.

Thanks to careful production, all berries have preserved their healing properties: strawberries are an excellent antioxidant, raspberries are a natural antibiotic, blueberries are good for eye health, and blackberries are a real natural multivitamin complex.

Made in Spain

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