Blackberry jam

Weight: 0.26 kg

For the production of the jam, we used blackberries grown in Spanish organic farming. It is an incredibly healthy product, containing many vitamins and valuable substances to strengthen the immune system, to improve the metabolism and to prevent a whole range of diseases.

The organic origin of blackberry jam WE ARE BIO is confirmed by the mark of the European certification system «Euro-leaf», which is mandatory for all organic products.

The subtle taste of berries with sweet notes and a slight sourness helps to set off the natural organic agave syrup. Careful production preserves the organic acids and vitamins A, C, E and a group of vitamins B. This is an indispensable dessert for those who want to enjoy the natural taste of berries without concern for their health and figure. Eat this jam as a separate treat or add it to your favorite dishes.

Made in Spain

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