Blueberry jam

Weight: 0.26 kg

For WE ARE BIO organic blueberry jam, we use only high-quality selected berries. The organic origin of WE ARE BIO blueberry jam is confirmed by the European certification system «Euro-leaf», which is mandatory for all organic products.

If you cook jam properly and without the use of sugar, it will retain all the vitamins and natural benefits of blueberries. This is how we approach production, using natural agave syrup instead of sugar. This allows us to convey the natural natural flavor and aroma of blueberries, preserving all their benefits.

The rich composition of vitamins, minerals and organic acids beneficial to the human body. In addition, it is a useful standalone dessert and a great addition to porridge, baking, puddings, pancakes and toast. This jam is an excellent and healthy alternative to industrial sweets.

Made in Spain

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