Orange jam

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Orange jam is a wonderful and unusual sweet treat made of organic ripe, juicy oranges, ripened under the bright rays of the Spanish sun and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers. Organic origin of orange jam WE ARE BIO is confirmed by the mark of the European certification system «Euro-leaf», which is mandatory for all organic products.

The bright taste of the sunny fruit is tinged with natural agave syrup, which preserves the natural benefits of oranges. Every scoop of WE ARE BIO organic orange jam is a real treat for the bright taste of sunny oranges, as well as a vitamin boost and benefit for the body.

This is a healthy dessert without sugar, which contains vitamins A, K, C group of vitamins B, various minerals and fiber. Eat it as a standalone dessert or use it as an unusual bright spice in other dishes.

Made in Spain

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