Our business is based on the principle of natural, organic production. No pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified ingredients.

Natural from the root!

The company maintains the highest production standards by working directly with local farmers to get the best fruits at peak ripeness.

Quality control

The quality of raw materials is constantly monitored and confirmed by laboratory tests, and our farmers are checked annually under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain. We comply with both Certified Organic standards and time-honored traditions.


WE ARE BIO takes pride in providing Certified Organic and non-GMO verified products, and our production is supported by all the necessary laboratory tests.

The EU organic "leaf" logo is the official European symbol for certified organic products. This logo can only be used on products containing 95% to 99% organic ingredients.

Our harvest standards and quality control result in organic products that are rich in necessary trace elements and contain no harmful impurities.

We are wholeheartedly responsible for the quality of our products from the very first stage of production!

Our products